Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Friends With Edibles: Drinking Hedgehog’s Cannabis Cocktail Spiker

I have the perfect way to spice up your next cocktail party: cannabis cocktail mixers! Made by Winterlife Cannabis, Hedgehog’s Cannabis Cocktail Spikers (in this episode, we use Island Mai Tai) are an excellent choice when you need to add a little bit of personality to your gatherings. The flavor of these mixers is subtle and at $24, the bottle will last you at least a dozen drinks, assuming you dose each one around 7mg.

If I’ve learned anything over the past three episodes of FWE it’s that consuming more than 10mg can hurt (a single piece of 10mg candy had only a slightly less negative effect than nearly 30mg of a cannabis coffee mocha). With these spiked cocktail mixers, the result after consuming around 10mg was totally relaxed. It was the equivalent of a couple of glasses of wine for me — I became chatty, cheery and totally forgot I had a cold.

For this episode, I employed one of my favorite people, Darin Williams, to get high with me off some holiday cocktails. He’s the co-founder of Proletariat Wine, which provides tapped wines to many, many restaurants, primarily in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Texas. We started rolling tape about 45 minutes after consumption, which hovered right around our peak highness.

A special thank you to videographer Colin Bishop and  NW Polite Society


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