Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Get Buzzed With This ‘Funky Bee’s Knees’ THC-Infused Honey Cocktail

I thought this was going to be a low key sort of afternoon, then other things happened, one of which brought me to this place of calm, and “highly” introspective buzziness.

The change of the seasons offers a change in the flavors that I seek at the cocktail bar and eventually into my glass. I’ve been way down the road of helpful bartenders (generally they are not mixologists, that’s something different) attempting to make, ether successfully or not (well-meaning) suggestions as to seasonality. These might be delightful drinks, such as a Mint Julep in the ice and cold of January, or a lip smacking and body buzzing Sazerac in the blazing sun of the summer. You can have these drinks — and right you should! — but for utter seasonality in these early spring weeks, I seek the depth and sophistication that honest and raw ingredients can bring to the cocktail glass.

Of course, things wouldn’t be quite that simple for me. I much prefer to twist things up a bit. In this case the drink is the classic “Bee’s Knee’s” made with gin. I am historically attracted to honey and, truth be told, to the brilliant raw honey and grain distilled gin from Barr Hill in Vermont. There is a depth and character that speaks to my much less than idle intellect. When woven into the Bee’s Knee’s with raw honey from the Northeast Kingdom’s distilleries’ own beehives, slowly infused with a healthy dose of decarbed cannabis, fully loaded with THC, now that is a cocktail that speaks a brilliant but as of yet undiscovered language.

First we decarb the cannabis of your choice and in the amount of your choosing so the THC becomes active in the cocktail. If you don’t heat the cannabis, the THC will not be activated. If you are just soaking some weed in a bottle, you are doing it wrong. You need to decarb.

My rule of thumb may completely destroy you. I always use the Thai food principle. As you wouldn’t order Thai spicy the first time around, start low and build up your tolerance. Go too fast and you’ll know it. Suck a lemon, drink lots of water, lay down. You’ll feel better soon.

I use the Ardent for my decarb now. Its microprocessor controlled for perfect decarb every single time. I was burning my expensive weed in the toaster oven! No more smell either!

Very sophisticated!

Photo courtesy of Warren Bobrow

Raw Honey/Canna Oil

for whatever you want to do with it (great in your morning coffee!)

  • 1 cup raw honey
  • ¼ cup coconut oil (I used USDA Certified Organic)
  • 7-14 grams per cup of decarbed cannabis (I used the Ardent)
  • 1-2 Tablespoons lecithin (for a better buzz. It works!)

1. Run the Ardent with your favorite Cannabis to decarb- it’s easy!

2. Roughly grind the decarbed Cannabis after the cycle is completed after an hour and fifteen or so…

3. Add to 1 cup (more or less is up to you) of coconut oil, raw honey and the lecithin

4. In a Double Boiler, heat the coconut oil, raw honey and cannabis and lecithin together for a couple of hours, NEVER exceeding 160 degrees, never boil, you’ll destroy the honey’s healing power and vaporize the THC. Use a good submersible thermometer from a restaurant supply

5. Strain out the remaining Cannabis well through a cheesecloth and make some Chai (Indian) tea with it before throwing out the scraps or composting.

6. Let the coco/canna-honey cool a bit (will last, nearly forever, left in the dark)

Funky Bee’s Knees

Ingredients: (for two)

5 oz. Barr Hill Gin (Distilled in Vermont)

3 oz. THC infused Raw Honey simple syrup (1:1 hot water to raw honey and mix)

2 oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice


Fill a Boston Shaker ¾ with ice. Add the raw honey THC-infused simple syrup to the shaker. Add the gin. Add the freshly squeezed lemon juice. Cap and shake very hard for 15 seconds or until the shaker is really frosty. Strain into two coupe glasses and prepare another round in ½ hour or so.

Say after me: Funky Bee’s Knee’s!

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