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Getting the Most Out Of Cannabis for Chronic Pain

When you live in chronic pain and use medicinal marijuana to combat it, often you need your medicine most of the day. This can lead to a tolerance to the point that, though still finding relief, you may feel like the effects have dulled or that you just can’t smoke enough to get where to need to be to function.

Cancer patients, people living with nerve damage, back injuries and all other types of chronic pain also run into this problem on the pharmaceutical side of things, the problem being that if you continue to increase your dosage of narcotic pain killers, they simply become killers. Not so with cannabis.

Here are a few good ways to make sure that you’re getting the most out of nature’s finest medicine:

Eat A Mango

The terpenes in mangoes seem to love to play with the terpenes in cannabis, prolonging the effects of marijuana and keeping them elevated for longer periods of time as well. The mango can be eaten before or after the sesh for the desired effects, but close in timing.

If You’re Ingesting Your Medicine, Eat Something Fatty

THC binds to fat cells and is fat soluble, which is why if you don’t have a hummingbird’s metabolism it’s harder to pass a drug test. But it’s also why if yo u have a slice of toast with butter in your stomach, you’re giving the cannabinoids more fat to cling to and spread throughout your system.

Combine Ingesting Cannabis With Using Topicals

Whether salve, cream or lotion, topicals provide excellent relief of surface area aches and pains, sore, tense muscles especially. Rub them in thoroughly with warm hands and feel parts of the pain melt away.

Breaking That Routine

If you are a consummate smoker, you may have a method laid out that does you just fine and that you may even swear by. A routine even. Breaking that routine, using a different piece to smoke out of and even switching rooms can all result in more efficient smoking sessions.

Remember To Inhale Deeply

Hold it in for those important few seconds whenever possible. Breathing it in to your lungs as much as you can will definitely give you a boost, especially if you’ve gotten a little lax on your smoking techniques.

Living in chronic pain is never going to be easy, but it can be improved greatly by cannabis and even cannabis can be improved for pain relieving effects. Enjoy your mango and let the cannabis ease your pain the natural way.


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