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‘Grow Op’ Episodes 10 – 12: A Web Series About Winging It In Cannabusiness

What happens when the government grants a Tier-3 cannabis grow license to an illicit marijuana dealer? What happens when a bon vivant like Kevin suddenly becomes a ‘legitimate’ businessman? What will this process look like? 

Well, luckily for you, an agin’ smoker is filming the whole thing and making it into a reality show.

‘Grow Op’ is a web series for those who are winging it.

Episode 10 – I’m Sorry Charles

The episode begins with Charles meeting Kevin in a park. The cameras are far away but we’re able to listen to everything that they’re saying. Kevin explains that things haven’t been going too well for him and that he’s considering selling his license. Charles wants to keep on following him on the show, but Kevin doesn’t want that. Charles kind of begs for Kevin to stay, but he doesn’t.

Episode 11 – The Show’s Over

Charles goes back to Crispin’s place and he looks pretty depressed because the show’s apparently over. He explains that all his work was for nothing and Crispin looks concerned and a little awkward. He offers him some sort of weed drink that looks hella strong.

Episode 12 – Be There

Crispin is trying to save the show. While manning the camera, he looks for Kevin and finds him getting high in his car. Crispin taps on the glass and hands him an address, asking for Kevin to be there and to not fuck things up. 

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