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Inside Marijuana Series ‘Grow Op:’ Episodes Seven Through Nine

Grow Op
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What happens when the government grants a Tier-3 cannabis grow license to an illicit marijuana dealer? What happens when a bon vivant like Kevin suddenly becomes a ‘legitimate’ businessman? What will this process look like?

Well, luckily for you, one dealer is filming the whole thing and making it into a show. “Grow Op” is a Web Series for those who are winging it:

Episode 7: No!

We pick up right where we awkwardly left off, with Kevin asking for 400,000 dollars from his friend and sponsor. We cut to all of the faces of the possible investors, who decline with varying types of reactions and overreactions (are my kids being exposed to DRUGS?!). One of the guys asks for some Blue Dream, right after saying that he won’t invest in the marijuana business, which is like the cherry on top of this embarrassing disaster. Also, Kevin can’t find his car. 

Episode 8: It’s a Pothole

Kevin is heartbroken over the fact that nobody wants to invest on his new business. He explains how terrible it is that with legal marijuana you have to invest thousands of dollars so you can try to sell it. Before it was legalized, the business was simple and accessible. One of the camera guys tells Kevin that he should just sell his license, which costs around 250,000 dollars. This news make Kevin very happy.

Episode 9: You only get what you can handle

Kevin gets super high and his Ex texts him, throwing him into a crazy paranoid spiral. She then threatens him with limiting when he gets to see his child and basically demands that he figures his shit out. Somehow God – in the form of the great Tom Skerritt – shows up and tells Kevin that you only get what you can handle.

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