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Here’s How To Help Your Friend With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a complicated set of symptoms that affects around 100 million Americans and is characterized as a physical pain that lasts longer than six months. Pain is extremely difficult to deal with and limits the lives of more people than diabetes, cancer and heart disease combined.

Patients can experience different degrees of pain, ranging from mild and not that limiting, to excruciating and life impairing. The pain can also be expressed in different forms: through headaches, joint pain, backaches or diffuse pain throughout the body. 

While the syndrome is presented as a physical one, chronic pain can have mental and emotional repercussions, and fallout can cause anxiety, depression, anger and fatigue, which ultimately lowers the defenses of the patient further and deepens the spiral. 

You may know someone who suffers from chronic pain and be intimately acquainted with their struggles, so here are five articles that explain how to help someone who is living in pain. Hopefully these articles can provide much-needed information onto a very misunderstood topic:



Adopting These Types Of Behaviors Can Increase Your Lifespan

A new study shows that healthy lifestyle behaviors can lead to higher life expectancy, even for those with chronic conditions, regardless of age. 

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