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What Exactly Is Cannabis Tolerance And How To Beat It

Cannabis tolerance is that annoying phenomenon every cannabis user is acquainted with, when you need to consume a larger dose of marijuana to feel the same effect you used to have with a smaller dose. Our bodies adapt surprisingly fast to the effect of cannabis, but our tolerance can be brought down with a few simple methods.

According to a study conducted in 2016, after 28 days without consuming marijuana your tolerance will be much lower and it will be a sort of reboot for your body and the plant, which is great news for medical marijuana patients who sometimes struggle due to the lack of effectiveness of their treatment.

For regular cannabis users, a tolerance break is a sure way of breaking down your tolerance, because it allows you to maintain efficacy with the herb while kickstarting your system. Breaks don’t need to be a month long, most users stop consuming for 2 days which gives your body the necessary distance from the plant and preps your system to absorb the cannabis more easily.  

Microdosing is another common way to break down your tolerance. By consuming smaller and smaller amounts of cannabis continuously, your body will get used to these micro doses. The minute you increase them, your tolerance will be way lower than it used to be. This is a much slower way to break down your cannabis tolerance but it’ll work if you’re not looking for complete abstention.

If you’re a medical marijuana patient, you can try to alternate between CBD and THC,  which work in very different ways. Consuming a high CBD low THC strain won’t get you as high as usual, but you’ll get pain relief and the same relaxing effect.


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