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Can CBD Save You From The Itchy Eyes, Runny Nose Allergy Season????

From flooding in Florida to the Washington, spring doesn’t seem to be near, but allergy season is upon us. It seems cruel to be wearing a heavy cut and dodging the wacky weather while having to endure stuffy nose, runny eyes and more.

There are way to help during this rough transition.  First, make sure you don’t have a cold.  Cold and allergies are two entirely different things. While the common cold is caused by viruses, seasonal allergies occur when the immune system overreacts to an allergen. Still, colds and allergies can share some symptoms in common, such as a runny nose, sneezing, and congestion.  Other symptoms, such as body aches and fever, are not associated with allergies, and the itchy eyes common to an allergic reaction rarely occur with a cold.

If you stock up on CBD now, you may be able to avoid some of your usual issues. It turns out, CBD may prevent your cells from releasing histamines, which means less sneezing, wheezing, all those other pesky symptoms.

A way to go through the blooming season is to explore what CBD can and can’t do for your spring allergies.

CBD may help block histamines


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As mentioned above, CBD can help suppress your mast cells (the ones that are responsible for allergic reactions) from releasing histamines. Normally, when you are allergic to something outside, like pollen or grass, your body’s immune system activates a chain reaction to release histamines as a form of protection. That unfortunately also results in lots of allergy symptoms. But Allergy medications act as antihistamines, and CBD does essentially the same thing. That means less sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes — even as pollen season gears up.

CBD is anti-inflammatory

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What does inflammation have to do with allergies, you ask? Well, if you’re allergic to pollen, for example, being near it causes inflammation and swelling of the lining of your nose and the protective layer of your eyes. Thus, why you feel “stuffed up” and why your eyes are watering. CBD is an anti-inflammatory, so it can help you get through the season unharmed.

It can help with rashes and eczema

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Adding to the misery of a stuffy head, unsightly body blemishes as it becomes short sleeves season is the worst! Rashes and eczema due to allergies can be downright miserable and tough solve quickly. CBD calms skin, helps with itching, and reduces inflammation. That’s why you see it in so many topical products now. If you live with eczema, or experience rashes or itching due to seasonal weather, you’ll want to look into topical CBD cream to find some relief.

It’s not a cure, though

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Remember, CBD may do a lot to ease your allergy symptoms. Unfortunately, it’s not a cure, though. Don’t go off your usual allergy medication and make sure to keep up with those allergy shots. Talk to your doctor if you aren’t sure what medications you’ll need to feel better.

And make sure you don’t buy into myths about seasonal allergies.  Take trusted advice
and know cut flowers aren’t a trigger, local honey doesn’t fight off allergies and rain doesn’t wash it all away.

May you start to breathe better this spring!


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