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Mix Up How To Consume Marijuana With 5 Fresh Ideas

Don’t be ridiculous, Andrea – there are lots more ways to get high!

Viral trends are exploding – from vodka butter, mushrooms over meat, half proof cocktails, to tinned dinners – so why not start something new in cannabis? Mix it up on how to consumer marijuana with these 5 fresh ideas.

Soup Mix

Bring out the Ina Garten or @dudethatcooksz and make your own spring soup with a kick! Break away from the brownie cliche and embrace other food groups.  Celebrity chef and founder of the modern hospitality education company Repertoire, Justin Khanna, shares “incorporating marijuana in soups becomes easy in spring with the already-vegetal-heavy seasonal flavors – asparagus, fava beans, and peas. If you’re looking for depth and richness, add garlic to marry the entire bowl together”.   Soups can be sipped in a small amount, stored easily and you can make a variety of flavors.

Suppositories & Tampons

Marijuana Tampons
Photo by Flickr user Eric E Castro

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While it may sound a little weird, THC infused suppositories work great for medical patients who are in search for immediate relief. While they take a little while to kick in, the body ends up absorbing around 80% of the cannabis, a much higher amount than when you consume marijuana through smoke or vape. The same goes for marijuana tampons, which are a game changer for women who suffer from endometriosis and seriously painful cramps. Can’t Afford $50 Marijuana Tampons? Here’s How To Make Your Own.

Sublingual Strips

Quick and discreet are the catchwords of sublingual strips.  Place the THC under your tongue and you take off for your flight in 5 to 15 minutes. For those who don’t want to smoke or have coughing or esophageal issues – this is a great option.  Also a fun way to do something that should have the same impact as smoking or vaping.


Cannabis Transdermal Patches
Photo by B. Boissonnet/Getty Images

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Taking a page from the cigarette industry – THC transdermal patches are among the most peculiar cannabis products out there.  They deliver strong results IF you place the patch in a veinous area of the body. These patches release THC directly into the bloodstream over a slow period of time, preventing negative side effects and bad highs. It’s a method that’s discreet and beneficial for people who don’t want to inhale or eat any type of cannabis. Here’s Why You Might Want To Try Some Transdermal Cannabis After Your Next Workout.


Here is something to chew on – cannabis infused gum is another item available.  Blend in the flavor of bubble gum, spearmint, and other old school taste with an old fashioned high. The amount of THC varies depending on the brand. JoyGum, for example, has 10mg of weed per serving, providing a kick that’s manageable and that is available in different flavors. Cannabis infused gums make great options for people who are looking for the medicinal and relaxing benefits of the drug.  Low dose gum could help those experience increased anxiety.


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