Sunday, February 25, 2024

Hops Cross-Pollinated By Cannabis Make For Legal CBD

Though they’re not the hops used to make beer, the specisis humulus yunnanensis, native to Southern China, is garnering a lot of attention right now. Originally due to cross-pollination with wild cannabis plants, these hops took some cannabinoids into their working systems, including CBD. Dr. Bomi Joseph selectively bred the found plants for maximum CBD production and said derivative is called ImmunAG.  So it seems hops cross-pollinated by cannabis make for legal CBD.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. and Peak Health have now partnered to dispense this unique hops-derived CBD oil through Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s subsidary HempMedsⓇ. Ironically, this non-cannabis based cannabinoid is being exclusively distributed by Medical Marijuana, Inc. as Real Scientific Humulus or RSHO, one deceptive letter away from the whole plant cannabis extract RSO a.k.a. Rick Simpson Oil.

Because the CBD is harvested from a hops plant and the cannabinoids that cross-pollinated did not include THC, the psychoactive component is completely absent, meaning that there is no risk that the CBD extraction will go over the .3 percent THC limit required by law to be considered hemp – and now hop – derived.

Dr. Stuart Titus, CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc. has stated his belief that the, “non-cannabis based product will not only provide new evidence of the benefits of CBD, but will also help people understand the value of phytoceuticals. We also look to introduce and educate people/consumers on the new concept of ‘bioactivity’ into CBD’s potential health and wellness benefits.”

Phytoceuticals are plant derived and though they are not considered necessary for human existence, they are believed to have health benefits and properties. CBD has gained that sort of reputation for itself as of late, especially for its reported anti-inflammatory properties. When paired with a miniscule amount of THC, however, an entourage effect occurs that is commonly thought to greatly magnify the benefits and usages of CBD.

It remains to be seen if Medical Marijuana, Inc., which is also the first publicly traded cannabis entity in the U.S., made a brilliant decision in this federal legal workaround or if the majority of people will reject the idea of non-cannabis derived cannabinoids. At the very least, studies into the benefits of the hops derived CBD won’t have to jump through so many hoops to get approval and funding.


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