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How CBD Helped This Woman With A Torn Meniscus

Have you ever felt like you’ve been put on the shelf, left out, forgotten and not capable anymore?


Once upon a time, I climbed mountains, went alone to places where no human tracks could be found. I was a hiking, climbing, backpacking beast. I led; no following for me. Then it happened in a kickboxing class, of all things. It was the dreaded meniscus tear! My hiking buddies started leaving me in their dust and then just left me at home-on the shelf!


How discouraging.  Over the years, my knee said, “Slow down.” And now it says, “Stop. Time for surgery!” But, wait just a minute. What about this gel that several friends had told me about? It was a CBD, cannabis based product. They talked about how the soothing gel had gotten them through various musculoskeletal injuries. 

So, what was I waiting for? Not far away was a cannabis retail store (I live in Washington State). And on a Friday afternoon, I walked inside. 


Now, this was my first time inside a pot shop. After all, I’m 70 years old and in my day, there was no such thing as the pot shop. You had to ‘know someone who knew someone.’ Thankfully, those days are over. 


The benefits of cannabis and related cannabinoids are being researched and documented. Acceptance is ever increasing. It’s gaining approval across social and political lines. And even traditional health care providers are open to its worth. 

On May 24, 2017, the NBC Evening News had a feature on the use of cannabidiol for children experiencing seizures. It’s working wonders for many kids.  Cancer patients, using a cannabinoid derived drug, are seeing results in the lessening of the side effects of treatment, thereby being able to stick to, and complete, their protocols.  These success stories are worth noting. 

So now, back to the pot shop. There was no uncomfortable scrutiny-just a welcome. But I did have to wait my turn. It was one busy place! 


With customers five deep at the counters, I had time to browse and look over the menu of products.  Then a young woman asked if she could help.  I’m sure I looked a little bewildered, being 70 and all! I told her that I was looking for a CBD based gel for my achy knee. She showed me to the counter, took out a great looking, gold and black colored jar and discussed the product with me. I bought, of course. I wanted to climb down off the shelf! 

That night, before bed, I took a hot shower and applied the gel to my knee, massaging well.  It took a bit of rubbing to make sure it was absorbed. Did I instantly notice a change?  No. But the next morning the knee seemed better. I determined that I would stick to my program for the next sevem nights. 


Good news! I have come down off that shelf and am hiking 10-12 miles a week. The gel has given me a reprieve from the pain I was experiencing and I continue to use it. 


Will I need surgery? Yes-eventually. After all, my knee has worn down to ‘bone-on-bone’ contact. Will I explore other cannabis based products to use during my recovery? Absolutely. 


In the meantime, I’m enjoying hiking and my friends. They are slowing down too. More understanding and research about cannabis and derivatives as they become more mainstream can be helpful to so many of all ages. And hopefully, governmental agencies will embrace the possibilities. 


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