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In Honor Of Wonder Woman: The Top 8 Badass Women In Comics

Wonder Woman has landed. The movie we’ve been waiting decades for was finally released and quickly made itself one of the most successful superhero films of all-time. As the first female-led superhero movie, audiences displayed a deep appetite for strong, badass women in comic books.

So we’d thought we would give a shout out to other powerful women in comics. The ones that can take care of themselves and any man thrown their way. Here are my Top 8 Most Badass Women in comics, along with their most badass moment.

8) Black Canary

Cover via DC Comics

Black Canary is a straight up brawler. Trained by Wildcat and girlfriend/wife to the Green Arrow makes her no stranger to the vigilante game. But, if beating your ass with punches and kicks isn’t enough, then she’ll treat you like she did Amazo in JLA #24 and blow your head off using her supersonic Canary Cry. It is also her 70th anniversary this month.

7) Buffy

Though she got her start as the biggest badass TV, the story of the vampire slayer has continued in the world of comic books. Her most interesting feat in comicdom yet is… sexing a universe into existence with Angel? Well she did do that. But afterwards, in a more applicable fashion, she destroyed all magic on earth by destroying the Seed of Wonder.

6) Invisible Woman

The most powerful member of the Fantastic Four is not the Human Torch or The Thing, but freaking Susan Storm-Richards. Her ability to create psionic force fields and shape them into invisible constructs is incredibly versatile and powerful. She’s even cracked the armor of a Celestial. I think her most daring feat was singlehandedly taking on the Latverian Air Force, then beating the crap out of Dr. Doom and destroying his castle, all to get her daughter Valeria back. That’s one bad momma!

5) Wolverine (Laura Kinney)

Formerly known as X-23, Laura is the All-New Wolverine. Her entire comic career has been steeped in ultraviolence, so choosing one moment that stands out is hard. Maybe not her strongest display of skill, but one that sticks out to me, is when she willingly jumped into Fin Fang Foom’s mouth (and stomach) to rescue a partially digested Old Man Logan. She then clawed her way back up through the esophagus of the villainous dragon. It made for some very badass/funny visuals in All New Wolverine #8-9.

4) Mera

Cover via DC Comics

Aquaman gets a lot of flak from the denizens of the world that don’t know anything about the character, just that he talks to fish (thanks Superfriends cartoon). His girlfriend, however, deserves no such flak. Mera does not talk to fish. She just owns at all aspects of life, swimming at speeds faster than Aquaman, and wielding the power of hydrokinesis. This allows her to control and manipulate water. Her most badass moment was in Aquaman New 52 #40, when she created an enormous water kaiju and destroyed a giant volcano god named Karaku.

3) Thor (Jane Foster)

Jane Foster has been our Thor for the last few years and she’s doing a really killer job of it. She not only fights gods, trolls, giants, elves, and minotaurs, but is also combating breast cancer in her free time. Unfortunately, her transformations into Thor negate any good her chemotherapy is doing her, but she presses on because the universe needs a Thor. Most badass moment: Going toe to toe with the All-Father himself, Odin.

2) Red Sonja

Red Sonja has been around even longer than Wonder Woman, first appearing in Conan in 1934. Possibly her most impressive feat was her first. After a group of bandits kill her family, she leads them into the woods of her homeland and picks them off one by one, systematically killing twenty men. Truly a strong woman of the highest order.

1) Wonder Woman

Cover via DC Comics

Who else? Not only does she fight gods, demons, monsters, etc. daily, but she can also gross over $400 million at the box office. Her most badass moment is possibly the most badass moment ever. In Wonder Woman #210, she fights Medusa blindfolded. She just did not want to be turned to stone. Even after getting stabbed and having her blindfold torn off, Wonder Woman uses snake venom from Medusa’s hair to physically blind herself. She then beheads the defeated Medusa like a total boss.


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