Monday, April 15, 2024

How Old Are You In The Marijuana World

Age is revealed in a variety of ways, habits and language…so how old are you in marijuana world?

The internet is filled with memes and “telltale” signs of age giveaways. From “watching tv” to Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles” to calling someone on the phone to order a pizza…it pegs you into a certain age category.  Well, the same is starting to be true in the marijuana world.

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In reviewing data from BDSA, a leading analytic firm which covers cannabis, there are hints of generational differences.  And it is upending the industry. The habits of millennials, Gen Z, and Gen X have already changed food, magazines, communication and careers…now it is has arrived for weed.  How people consumer marijuana is generally falling into a two major age buckets, and companies will be made or broken by the trends.

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The 45 plus crowd tend to smoke marijuana. They enjoy the smell of flower, the act of preparation via a joint, a bowl or a bong and the feel of the smoke. It is filled with nostalgia and tradition. For the 50+ crowd, an edible was home made and also a little bit of a chance, you just never fully knew how much it would hit you. Getting stoned was a  an adventure because you didn’t fully know how good was your “stuff”.

The under 45 set looks for something which is easy for on-the-go lifestyle.  Vapes and edibles are easy to carry and can be slipped into a pocket or bag. Almost 90% of all edibles purchased are gummies.  These forms provide a manageable high, are discreet and don’t smell. Now can notice if you bring them  to take to a party, a family event or just on a walk.  Also, with weed legal and having to conform with label and formula, consumers can fully understand dosage and are able to microdose.

Another clue is how people talk about marijuana.  Older users tend to talk about “smoking”, while younger ones talk about “popping a gummy” or “taking a hit”.

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Another interesting thing, is Gen Z is entering the age of marijuana use where it is legal to over 50% of the country’s population.  There is significantly less stigma to using now then even 20 years ago, so they see it as a healthier alternative to drinking. Decreases in alcohol consumption by Gen Z coincide with an uptick in cannabis use, according to numerous reports. Is this a one-for-one trade in substances? Some signs point that way.

Currently in the industry, flower is the most profitable with gummies being the least.  This has direct impact on production and sales, so it will be interesting as the industry continues to expand.

Change is inevitable, even in the cannabis world.


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