Saturday, October 1, 2022

The ‘Hermès Of Marijuana:’ The Uber Upscale And Fashionable Beboe

As cannabis grows more and more into the mainstream, it isn’t that surprising that companies might create products that present the plant in more mainstream ways. But it seems some companies, like Beboe, founded by Scott Campbell and Clement Kwan, aims to take cannabis higher and into a more upscale, fashionable world.

The New York Times recently ran an article on Campbell, a celebrity tattoo artist inking Heath Ledger and Penelope Cruz among others, and Kwan, a former fashion executive, and their company Beboe, which sells fancy vaporizers and edibles. But the article makes their goals clear, calling them the “Hermès of Marijuana.”

Here is how the Times describes their product:

The company’s disposable vaporizers, which retail for $60 and are good for about 150 marijuana­-infused drags, are sleek in design, come in only one color—rose gold—and would not look out of place poking from the breast pocket of a Saint Laurent suit.

The packaging, too, is Instagram-­worthy: white boxes festooned with elegant line drawings by Mr. Campbell.

With their connections, Beboe is chasing a higher celebrity-minded consumer, and was released at a lavish dinner party in West Hollywood that included guests like Daniela Villegas, Sami Hayek, David Schill, Sharon Stone, Justin Theroux, Orlando Bloom, and more. Their investors include the actress Rose McGowan, early NetaPorter investor Carmen Busquets, and Gotham Gal angel investor Joanne Wilson.

Beboe isn’t the first kind of uber-luxe cannabis product to come on the market, but it is unique considering its positioning and proximity so close to Hollywood. Campbell delivers this anecdote about the Chateau Marmont “where you’ll go to this dinner, and then at one point in the meal, between entrees and desserts, a handful of people will sneak off into the bushes and smoke a joint.” The quote is delivered in a way like this behavior is normal and usual for most Californians, when everyone knows the Chateau Marmont is a celebrity haven of sorts.

However, Beboe—which Campbell named after his grandmother Be (short for Bernice) Boe, who used to bake pot brownies to help his mother’s pain as she battled cancer—seems like it might have a foothold in the marketplace. Because if we know anything, it’s that celebrities enjoy cannabis, too.

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