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Is Carting The Latest Cannabis Concentrate Craze?

In an era when we want the most value with the least amount of effort, we proudly welcome “carting.” It’s a new concept cooked up by Ab Hanna and others at Green Rush Daily. It’s a way to get more out of a vape pen that’s just not getting you where you want to be in a timely manner.

The idea is pretty simple, pull the vape until vapor builds up inside a water pipe apparatus and then pull it through water to cool the diffusion further and snap up a good sized hit. The execution is a little more complicated, but put on your MacGyver gloves and get ready to get carting.

The easiest way to cart is to use a blunt or joint bubbler. Simply fit the rounded tip of the vape cartridge pen into “The Martian,” which was found to be the best brand for the job. It should make itself a perfect seal and you just release the vapor via the carb when it’s nice and thick. Other advantages to the joint bubbler include stealth and portability, but the disadvantage is that the pen is upside down so you’ll have to let the oil drip back down to the base between uses.

If the mouthpiece isn’t rounded or doesn’t quite fit for any of these methods, you can use tape, non-toxic putty or poster tack to fill in the gaps. A tight seal ensures that you’re getting a good pull and that you’re not losing any vapor.

Carting through a whip and adapter is probably the best way of doing things, though it takes a little ingenuity. The advantage here is that the pen is upright and thus easier to manipulate. If you choose your whip and adapter wisely, you’ll have the perfect fit and an upright pen every time, and smoking through a bong is the best way to get lifted while carting.

You’ll need plastic tubing that fits into your vape pen’s mouthpiece and a glass adapter that fits your bong and is 10mm on the other side. Fit the tubing into the 10mm opening and then put the whip into the mouthpiece. Proceed to carting.

Carting straight out of a bong is the simplest, though you’re back to upside down hits. Simply fit the mouthpiece into the bong bowl and if it doesn’t fit quite right use one of the above methods to seal it up tight. Cart away and snap the hit through when you’ve filled the chamber with the delicious and heady vapors. You’re apparently guaranteed a better high than using a cartridge on its own. What’s your take?


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