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Why John Oliver’s Marvelous Marijuana Rant Makes Perfect Sense

No one can expose the absurdity of a situation like John Oliver. Using 17 minutes of his 30-minute program Sunday, the HBO late-night host went deep on cannabis, showing the flawed systems in a state like Kentucky, and the contradictions of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“If you have marijuana right now, even if you are acting completely legally according to your state, you may still be in serious jeopardy,” Oliver warned in his spot-on monologue.

That’s because marijuana remains a Schedule I drug, on level with heroin, while cocaine and methamphetamines are classified as Schedule II. Oliver also showcased how federal policies are still influenced by the remnants of America’s “War on Drugs,” including some seriously backwards thinking by Richard Nixon, and how it does more harm than good.

Oliver really lambasted the inconsistency of state and federal marijuana laws, exposing legislative hypocrisy and idiocy in his monologue. He also called out Sessions’ selective usage of Lady Gaga’s advocacy, brilliantly taking down Sessions for making Gaga into political prop.

“Lady Gaga also said, ‘I believe that men and women deserve to love each other equally,’ as well as ‘Touch me in the dark, put your hands all over my body parts.’ So please, Jeff, if you’re going to live your life according to Gaga quotes, accept the entire canon,” Oliver said.

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