Tuesday, June 18, 2024

What Are Marijuana Tampons And What Do They Do?

When it comes to treating those painful monthly menstrual cramps, it may be time to put that Motrin, Midol or Vicodin back in your medicine cabinet and give marijuana a try. More specifically, marijuana tampons.

Foria Relief, currently available only in California and Colorado, has introduced a medicated tampon that the company promises will “maximize the muscle relaxing and pain relieving properties of cannabis without inducing a psychotropic high.”

The vaginal suppository come in a package of four at a retail price of $44. It’s not an absorbant product, so you’ll want to keep your regular tampons around. But each suppository contains 60mg of THC and 10mg of CBD.

Photo courtesy of ForiaPleasureThe Ingredients Label Is Short:

  • Organic Fair Trade Cocoa Butter
  • Distilled THC Oil
  • CBD Isolate (99.99%) from Organically Grown Hemp

The product will give your vagina a slightly intoxicated sensation, but the effect won’t travel to your brain. (And it won’t exactly make your vagina high.) According to one happy customer, the product “smells like cookie dough and cocoa butter.”

On the website Racked.com, Sophie Saint-Thomas tested the suppositories and reported her results:

It was like if Ativan made a baby with Tylenol, except I hadn’t thrust any nasty pharmaceuticals into my vag; just cannabis and cocoa butter.

And here’s the science:

THC positively affects the nerves and assists in blocking out pain while also allowing for more pleasant signals to be received by the brain. CBD works in the immune system by suppressing the mechanisms responsible for inflammation. CBD also slows down electrical signaling to muscles and allows them to relax, thereby reducing cramping.

Is it FDA approved? Nope. Since cannabis is considered a Schedule 1 drug by our federal government, the FDA cannot and will not sanction the medical efficacy of the product. Yet.


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