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Watch A Texas Man Catch Fish Barehanded In Living Room

Even amongst such tragedy there's a moment for a levity.

Texas Man
Photo by Flickr user robin miller

Hurricane Harvey ravaged the city of Houston with floodwater and rain. It wasn’t just Houstonians who were feeling the storm’s effects either. “Our whole city is underwater right now,” Port Arthur Mayor Derrick Freeman wrote on Facebook.

Heartwarming videos continue to pop up across social media of humans risking their lives to help other strangers. One group of individuals formed a human chain to rescue one man washing away in floodwater. In the middle of a live shot, CNN correspondent Drew Griffin noticed a man accidentally drive into a ravine that appeared to be a road. His crew luckily found some rope to pull the man in and save his life.

So while Hurricane Harvey isn’t nothing to joke about, it’s still encouraging that some affected by the storm have found ways to laugh in the face of such tragedy.

That’s what Saul Saldana and his daughter Viviana did as floodwater filled their house. But then they noticed something sinister swimming around. Something that needed to be caught. So Saul went to work while his daughter recorded him catching a fish swimming in his living room.

Vivian later wrote that they had opened the door to let some of the knee-high floodwater out. In the process they unwittingly allowed the creature to swim in. Thankfully, as you see in the video, Saul is a keen fisherman and was able to capture the critter with his bare hands.

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