Sunday, May 26, 2024

Marijuana Topicals: 6 Ways They Can Help You Live Better

Have you ever covered yourself head to toe with marijuana? It’s totally possible to slather your entire body with marijuana topicals — and you won’t get high.

The business of cannabis topicals is exploding these days as more people experience the value of the herb as one of the medicinal options available. Whether you’re looking for a little pain relief after a strenuous workout, or your lips are chapped or you want to achieve a more powerful orgasm, there is a cannabis product out there for you.

There are cannabis shampoos, soaps, shaving cream, you name it. With all of these products, you will NOT get high from using them properly. Your epidermis does not have a receptor for THC, the psychoactive ingredient. The receptors on your skin bind to the CBD and other cannabinoids that are not psychotropic. Your body and muscles will feel relaxed and any pain you have will lessen. Try them as part of your everyday beauty routine.

The benefits of cannabis when used on the skin are vast. Ah Warner, the founder of Washington-based bodycare line Cannabis Basics says compounds found in the herb are “anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, analgesic, cell-regenerative, and anti-cell proliferative for bad cells.”

Pain Relief

If you suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines or other kinds of regular, intractable pain, cannabis creams often provide quick relief. Like other lotions, using cannabis cream will not cure the cause of the pain, but it will relieve the pain almost immediately. For some patients, applying the lotion regularly throughout the day is advised.

Aching Feet

If your feet are prone to cramps, try a heavier balm. Apply to all areas of your feet and massage firmly. Whether you have poor blood circulation or finished a strenuous hike, you should find relief.

Follicle Damage

Yes, there is even cannabis shampoos that keep your hair clean and healthy.

Sex Aid

Looking f0r a more powerful orgasm? Or are you in need of extra lubrication? There are cannabis products on the market that will help in the bedroom.

Baggy Eyes

Do you constantly look tired? There are high-end cosmetics made with cannabis that can help with facial tone. Full-on marijuana facial masks are available as are creams that will give your eyes a boost.

Best Bath Ever

What’s better than soaking in a hot bath with bath salts? When the bath salts are infused with cannabis. There is nothing more calming before bedtime than a soak in the tub with weed.



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