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Massachusetts Will Finally Have Legal Marijuana Sales By End Of Month

After two years of waiting, having passed a recreational/retail cannabis law, Massachusetts dispensaries are now only one more step away from opening, and it’s a mercifully short step to take. As owners await their notices to commence operation, the rest of Mass waits too, to finally be able to walk up to a counter and purchase flowers, concentrates, edibles and more.

What You Need To Know

To start with, all purchasers and customers at the soon to be open dispensaries must be 21+ and though you don’t have to live in The Bay State, you need to have a government issued ID on you. A $100 penalty awaits anyone under 21 in the possession of cannabis and anyone under 18 will also face a drug awareness program.

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Who’s Got The Go-Ahead?

Three dispensaries have already received their retail licenses and are ready to hit the ground running. NETA in Northampton has its retail location in the same building as its medical dispensary, with medical to the left and retail to the right. Cultivate is also opening in the same space as its medical dispensary and Pharmacannis Massachusetts is set to open on Main Street. More licenses are coming down the pike and they should be coming fairly quickly.

So What Are The Limits?

According to state law, an ounce of flower and 5 grams of concentrates is the max amount of cannabis product you can possess outside of the home, so those are the numbers at the registers, too. A nice part about the law is that it also allows you to “gift” another person up to an ounce. When the retail stores first open their doors however, expect quantity limits so that everyone gets something. Supply and demand are in a race to keep up with each other.

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Expect To Wait In Line

One thing’s almost certain, after all the anticipation and waiting, there are bound to be long lines at the new retail locations as they open up for business. Traffic could be an issue as well, but dispensaries are optimistic. “We expect it to be busy but well managed,” Amanda Rositano, director of compliance for NETA, told The Republican/MassLive.


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