Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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Massachusetts Will Have ‘Sparse’ Recreational Marijuana Rollout

Those in Massachusetts shouldn’t expect a massive rollout when the first marijuana stores open for recreational consumers in two months. When July 1 rolls around, the head of the commission says supply will be “sparse,” according to a report from WBUR.

“I think it’s fair to say it’s not going to be on every street corner in every city and town in Massachusetts,” Cannabis Control Commission Chairman Steven Hoffman said.

Part of the issue revolves around how the law was constructed. While 813 applications for cannabis business have been filed to the commission, state law dictates they can’t issue licenses until June 1. Not even Hoffman had an accurate depiction of how many stores to expect come July 1.


Cannabis businesses face several challenges as they look to set up shop. Before they can get a license from the commission, they need to show they have reached an agreement with the city or town in which they will be located.

Many communities have enacted moratoriums or outright bans of marijuana business. While Hoffman says it’s ultimately up to the cities and towns to decide whether to welcome cannabis businesses, he’s hopeful many will ultimately decide to allow the businesses in, now that they’ve seen what the regulations look like.

“I think the supply issues are going to—and I hate this bad pun—but we going to we’re going to grow out of them,” Hoffman says. “People are going to get cultivation licenses. It’s going to take however many months it takes to grow plants. We’re going to get that resolved.”

While most new cannabis retail markets experience an initial shortage, Massachusetts will experience a slower beginning than most. Maybe pump the brakes on Boston becoming a marijuana capital by 2020?


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