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Medical Marijuana, The DOJ and Broken Promises

When it was still Obama’s White House in 2016, the administration announced that they’d be taking away some of the barriers to medicinal marijuana research, namely expanding the program to be conducted in more than just the University of Mississippi, which has had a monopoly on the research since 1968.

There have been various complaints over the years that the “medicine” produced by the federal government in Mississippi is subpar and that it contains mold and other contaminants.

The prospect of researching several marijuana grows that were built for medicinal purposes in the cannabis community is exhilarating to those of us who are looking forward to the results and all the light they may shed. That is, we were exhilarated until Attorney General Jeff Sessions stuck his nose in it.

For months now, Sessions has been at a stalemate when it comes to expanding medical marijuana research, therefore breaking a promise made to the People by their government. Willfully ignoring the 25 submitted proposals to grow cannabis in conjunction with the feds for research purposes and a bipartisan letter written specifically requesting his support in this matter, Sessions and the DOJ have fervently resisted all – leaving Mississippi with the continued monopoly.

Sessions has made his disdain for the plant well known via statements, speeches and even off-hand comments, but it still doesn’t make sense. In studies around the world, cannabis is being vigorously tested with many positive results. From severe seizure disorder to the effects of cancer and chemotherapy, clinical trials show that isolated cannabinoids and full plant extracts are working miracles.

Sadly, that could be why it does makes sense. Cannabis, though in some way legal in 29 states plus the District of Columbia, is still illegal on the U.S. Federal level, labeled as a Schedule I drug with no medicinal value and a high potential for abuse. Once it is removed from that category, when good, expansive research shows the kind of results that can save lives, Sessions’ want to carry on the failed Drug War will lose, at least on the pot side.

No one likes to lose, but it would be a true miracle if this one time the man in power took a deeper look and saw that his ailing constituents and even those simply in support of scientific findings may have a serious point.


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