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This Woman Supplies Hollywood’s Elite With The One Thing They Really Want

It is probably the worst kept secret in Hollywood. Celebrities smoke marijuana. Whoopi Goldberg and Melissa Etheridge own businesses inside the cannabis industry. They are not the only ones. Other celebrities, like Henry Rollins, have become activists within for cannabis. For Montel Williams, well, he says weed saved his life. But this doesn’t address how some celebrities are purchasing their bud. Enter Cheryl Shulman, who is known as the Cannabis Queen of Beverly Hills and serves as supplier of some of the world’s best marijuana to Hollywood’s elite.

As Shulman told Sunday People: “I have more than 200 celebrity clients, virtually every A-List star you can think of.”

Shulman runs the business with her daughter Aimee, driving her Ferrari to the stars themselves, so they buy her “designer pot.” Shulman is linked to talent show veteran Nigel Lythgoe and has been seen by his side at red carpet events. But Lythgoe isn’t the only celebrity Shulman is associated with.

Via Sunday People:

At Hollywood red carpet events and galas, the stars ­gravitate around her. Friends include Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler, actors Whoopi Goldberg, Elijah Wood and Chris Klein, marijuana advocate and comedy star Cheech Marin , and chat show legend Jay Leno.

Shulman says her product is specifically catered to her client needs. For the friskier celebs, she has strains that will sexually enhance their dalliances, or could relieve some serious pain for her older clients in their 60s or 70s.

Following a diagnosis of colon and bladder cancer in 2006, Shulman turned to marijuana after a recommendation from a friend. She was given just months to live and prepared to die in peace, until her friend informed her about the healing properties marijuana can have. Since then she’s become a cannabis evangelist and hopes even more celebrities join the cause.

As she told Sunday People: “I hope to take away the stigma of marijuana—one celebrity at a time.”

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