Monday, April 22, 2024

How Melding Marijuana Microdosing And Kundalini Yoga Can Heal The Brain

Becca Williams has found a path out of her perpetual lack of self-esteem and troubled past, and though it isn’t what might be considered traditional, she’s taking the gift and spreading it to others via Cannanaut: her own sort of Kundalini yoga matched with marijuana microdosing.

Though she does attribute much of the practice’s success to the breathing techniques, Williams also gives plenty of weight to “our beloved Spirit Plant” and the way that high-CBD cannabis interacts with mind, body and soul.

The notion of microdosing for healing is not new and not unique to cannabis. Silicon Valley is still famous for its LSD and mushroom microdosing, used for anything from creative processes to cluster headaches. Williams uses marijuana for “psycho-spiritual” purposes and leads her classes in that vein.

A reporter from Westword attended one of the classes recently and was immediately less skeptical once the breathing exercises commenced. She said she felt, “calmer and less anxious,” which makes a whole lot of sense. The breathing practices matched with the anti-anxiety properties of high-CBD cannabis calms racing hearts and minds, especially during a guided practice.

Williams found cannabis in college, where she immediately started self-medicating with the gentle herb. After growing up with alcoholic parents, she needed something to take the edge off, but it still wasn’t enough to bolster her self-esteem. Nor was prominent positions, one with NPR.

In fact, she says it was her lack of self-esteem that drove her to reporting, one of the most outgoing professions there is. It wasn’t until she took the nine-month course on Kundalini that she began to feel reborn. Unlike the other participants, Williams microdosed on cannabis for the entire course and believes that she got more out of it that way.

Another key to Williams’ work? Not trying to shut out “shadowy” problems. Dealing with emotions head on, breathing, yoga and calming cannabis, used sparingly, make up her recipe to living a fuller life. It’s how she spends her days now, helping other women out of their darker times or just simply elevating them, one toke and breath at a time.


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