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Miley Cyrus’s Wacky Relationship With Marijuana

Miley Cyrus has experienced a very public and very torturous relationship with marijuana. Lucky for you, we break it all down.

This week, Lowell Café, America’s first fully legal cannabis lounge, opened its doors to the public. So far, the West Hollywood lounge has been a huge hit. Its existence provides a glimpse at how legal cannabis could reshape our social lifestyles for years to come. All of which is great news for Miley Cyrus, as earlier this month Lowell Cafe announced Cyrus had become an investor. Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman, and Mark Ronson are also notable celebrity investors in Lowell.

But it’s Miley who has received the most attention as an investor. In a recent post asking who is marijuana’s newest power players, Politico snidely dismissed Cyrus, stating “yes, we’re well aware of Miley Cyrus’s cannabis café.” To be fair, this is primarily Miley’s fault. Cyrus becoming a cannabis investor was inconceivable at several moments across the past several years; at other junctures, it appeared as she’d rent out a restaurant like Lowell Café for three nights straight.

In honor of that juxtaposition we thought we’d detail Miley Cyrus’s complicated relationship with weed.

A Love Affair Begins

Let’s go back to the pre-Trump years, when Rolling Stone declared in a now-iconic cover story that Miley Cyrus was “pop’s wildest child.” This is the era Miley released her star-defining Bangerz album and grinded on Robin Thicke at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. In that Rolling Stone interview, Cyrus announced her affection for cannabis loud and clear.

“I think weed is the best drug on earth,” she said. “One time I smoked a joint with peyote in it, and I saw a wolf howling at the moon. Hollywood is a coke town, but weed is so much better.”

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Many fans still remember that Robin Thicke dance at the VMAs, but probably forget the other controversy Cyrus generated that night: she couldn’t stop confessing her love of weed on live TV. The Associated Press even wrote a story critiquing Cyrus and the VMAs for glorifying marijuana. At one point during the show, Cyrus went backstage and offered a joint to various photographers and media. (She also smoked a joint onstage at the 2013 EMAs.)

“Because you’re all my friends, and my song is kinda, sorta about the love of marijuana and the love of humankind, I brought a little joint if anyone would like any,” she said. “Anyone?”

Miley Cleans Up Image

But then Miley Cyrus tired of playing the wild child. In an all too predictable career turn, she attempted to rediscover her down-to-earth, country roots. To demonstrate she was done being the bad girl, she begun to demonize cannabis and stoners.

“I like to surround myself with people that make me want to get better, more evolved, open,” Cyrus told Billboard in 2017. “And I was noticing, it’s not the people that are stoned. I want to be super clear and sharp, because I know exactly where I want to be.”

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Then she went on “The Tonight Show” and confessed to Jimmy Fallon that she worried about overdosing from the amount of weed she was smoking. “It’s like, no one’s ever died from weed but no one’s ever smoked as much as I did,” she said, acting as if Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson never existed.

Mom and Dad Made Me Do It

Peer pressure is a hell of a drug, especially when it comes from your parents. During a 2018 SiriusXM interview, Cyrus revealed she was smoking weed again — because her mom made her do it. “My mom got me back on it,” Cyrus said.

“My mom’s a big stoner,” Cyrus also told Fallon. “I remember when I started smoking weed. I mean, she thought I was growing little horns and just becoming the devil, but now she smokes more pot than anyone I know.”

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That isn’t the full story, though. When Billy Ray Cyrus initially wrote his lyrics to the “Old Town Road” remix this year, he tried slipping in a joke about Miley’s weed habit. “For some reason I thought it was funny to say, ‘Baby’s got a habit: diamond rings and marijuana,’” Billy Ray Cyrus told Taste of Country Nights.

Unfortunately, the record company objected and Billy Ray re-wrote the verse. But if that story and her investment in Lowell Café doesn’t convince you, check out this Instagram and tell me whether Miley Cyrus is into marijuana again or not.


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