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Montel Williams Smokes Marijuana Every Day And It Saved Him From Opioid Addiction

Montel Williams has long served as an outspoken advocate for legalizing medicinal marijuana use. Williams contributed to legalization efforts in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

The former talk show host and naval officer was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis shorty after retiring from the military. Following a “horrific battle” with opioid painkillers and addiction, Williams found cannabis, which he uses daily to promote flexibility and nerve-protective neuroplasticity, in addition to reducing his pain.

Cannabis “helps me to function,” Williams told Business Insider.

Williams has consumed marijuana every day for 17 years as a result. His advocacy “was lobbying literally for myself,” he told Forbes. That same philosophy as cannabis as a proper medicine Williams has employed while tirelessly leading awareness efforts has trickled into his latest business venture, LenitivLabs by Lenitiv Scientific.

LenitivLabs, which was founded by Montel Williams, is a line of top quality medicinal marijuana specifically targeting patients. The product recently became available in California and is currently being sold in more than 30 dispensaries.

Via the company’s website:

Lenitiv Scientific’s line of proprietary products utilize the latest cannabis manufacturing technologies and research to deliver products that are high-quality and consistent. Products contain no harmful additives and are clearly labeled and packaged in consistent, standardized doses….

Lenitiv Scientific’s mission is to ensure that seriously ill individuals have access to high-quality, standardized medicine to manage their symptoms.

Part of why Williams stepped into the industry goes beyond pure business interests. As the drug that helped improve and possibly save his life becomes more widely embraced and legalized, Williams has seen focus placed on recreational usage consumers. Weed-dosed junk food has filled dispensaries and he feels not enough are treating cannabis as the medicine it is. Williams didn’t hold much back.

“There have been times I’ve been so disappointed with the industry. People jump in, see it as the ‘green rush,’ and forget that 17 years ago people were dragged out of their homes with IVs in their arms, in their wheelchairs, for growing marijuana to treat awful symptoms of cancer,” Williams said to Forbes. “As things have changed in the past five years, people have forgotten that there were patients left on the battlefield.”

“Honestly, I’ve been appalled by aspects of this industry. Cannabis should have been treated like any other plant-based medicine for the past hundred years: find the best portion of this drug and use it in the best modality it can be used for.”


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