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Christian Blogger Claims That Yoga Causes Demonic Trances

Meet Matt Walsh. He’s a writer for the Daily Wire, who believes that yoga is a pagan ritual and that Christians should find some other activity to do.

The controversy began with, as many things do, a tweet that gathered a lot of attention. People thought it was, well, dumb. And it is.

Walsh decided that the best way to prove his point would be to write a lengthy article where he traces yoga’s roots back to ancient Hindu practices and details everything that’s sinful about it. In his piece, he does a lot of things, one of the most interesting ones being his comparison of Christians who do yoga to G-rated porn (whatever that is).

While Walsh doesn’t believe that Christians who practice yoga will go straight to hell — what a relief — he claims that it’s similar to playing with a Ouija board or believing in horoscopes. He says that while those things aren’t harmful in and of themselves, and that they can be done with good intentions, true Christians should seek out other forms of entertainment.

Via Daily Wire:

I don’t think you’ll automatically be possessed if you do yoga. I don’t think all yoga practitioners go to Hell. But neither do I see how a pagan ritual could ever help someone get to Heaven, and maybe that’s reason enough to leave it alone.

While he clearly spent time and research on this rant, the end result is still the same. In fact, the more you read the article, the more ridiculous it is. The original tweet pales in comparison.

RIP Matt Walsh. The Internet can be a pretty savage place.

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