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Moms Are Smoking More Marijuana Than Ever Before

The modern-day cannabis consumer is changing. In part, we’ve known this for the past couple years. Thanks to marijuana’s stigmatization waning and legalization occurring in 29 states across America, more people are including cannabis into their lifestyle. That includes parents, according to a new study by Eaze, the medical marijuana delivery service.

Eaze emailed a 32-question survey to more than 10,000 active users to determine the makeup of the modern cannabis consumer. The study showcased that those who consumed marijuana were generally younger, educated, and in good-paying jobs. Millennials remain the largest group of active cannabis users of any generation.

In addition, 87% of working professionals attested that marijuana consumption had reduced their drinking while 12% testified replacing wine with weed entirely. Another statistic we hear often is patients replacing opiate use with cannabis. Eaze found similar results. According to their study, 48% of the working professionals they surveyed have been prescribed opiates. Once they began consuming marijuana, 95% said they reduced their opiate use and 31% quit opiates, substituting cannabis as medicine.

But Eaze also found the rising number of parents and women who are users. While more men smoke than women (a 66-36% disparity, according to Eaze), but women are the fastest-growing consumer base in the industry. Out of those women surveyed, 59 percent admit they consume daily. In addition, women are early adopters of new products like topicals and tinctures. Many women referred to “self-care” in their cannabis usage, as it helped reduce their opiate, alcohol, and antidepressant usage.

“What we’re seeing with women is that they’re integrating cannabis as part of their health and wellness regimen,” Sheena Shiravi, head of PR for Eaze, told Refinery 29.

Parents also enjoy including cannabis into their daily lifestyles. One out of five participants in Eaze’s study were parents and 63% reported using daily. Also interesting of note, 39% of marijuana consumers live with three or more people while just 26% live alone. Parents are also 52% more likely to stop drinking alcohol in favor of cannabis compared to non-parents.

“It’s not surprising to think that parents are using cannabis every day,” Shiravi told Refinery29. “Think about how often a mom reaches for glass of wine or takes Tylenol or pain killer for a headache or back pain.”

The modern cannabis user is changing, even if the stoner association remains embedded in places like Washington. No need to ask us, though. Just look at the data.

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