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This Guy Getting Hit By A Bus And Going Straight To The Bar Is All Of Us

There are good days, bad days, and days you just want to head to the nearest pub after being hit by a bus.

According to the BBC, 53-year-old Simon Smith was struck from behind by a careening bus while walking along Gun Street in Reading, England. He was out for a daily run of errands, and wasn’t exactly expecting an out-of-control double-decker to tackle him out of nowhere.

The CCTV video is amazing, but be warned: It is pretty shocking, so make sure you’re in a place where you can yell “OH SHIT” while viewing:

His head breaks the windshield as the bus hits a wall of buildings beside him, veering away and narrowly missing running over him once he’s down.

Incredibly, he stands up immediately and stumbles into the bar that’s right beside him at the accident. It seems like he’s heading in for a drink after the weirdest morning of his life—but he’s actually scrambling for shelter after being, you know, hit by a freaking bus.

He spoke about his now-viral ordeal with the Sun:

“I came down the street, it was early morning, I’d gone to pay in a wage cheque at my bank. I make that journey every Saturday. I didn’t think anything of it. But then I heard some banging behind me and I was hit from behind. Then you can see what happened from the CCTV. The video says it all. I didn’t tense because I didn’t know it was coming. After it I just wanted to get somewhere safe. It’s quite funny everybody think I have gone for a pint. I was actually looking for a place of refuge when I went into the doorway of the pub.”

He did, however, get a beer after he was discharged from the hospital.


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