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North Dakota Cannabis Activists Gain Powerful Legalization Ally

The Marijuana Policy Project has been instrumental in leading successful legalization initiative efforts in Colorado, Alaska, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada. Now the nonprofit organization will be throwing its weight behind Legalize ND, the group responsible for getting Measure 3 on the ballot this November. The measure would legalize adult-use cannabis in North Dakota.

“The Marijuana Policy Project supports Measure 3 and strongly encourages North Dakotans to vote in favor of this important initiative,” MPP Deputy Director Matthew Schweich said in a release. “North Dakota’s current marijuana prohibition laws are ineffective and wasteful, causing more harm to consumers and to the community than marijuana itself.”

MPP will support Legalize ND by offering guidance around strategy and fundraising efforts in the lead up to the election. The organization will also mobilize its supporters throughout the state to help.

Legalize ND made waves earlier this year, due to its grassroots efforts and mobility. The group collected 17,695 signatures and submitted the ballot initiative to the state’s office to qualify for the November ballot. The group was also responsible for pushing medical marijuana legalization in the state two years ago.

“We’re thrilled to have MPP’s support, and we look forward to working with them in the weeks leading up to Election Day,” Legalize ND Chair David Owen said. “With their help, we’ll continue to educate voters about the benefits of legalization and the harms of prohibition.”

If passed, Measure 3 would potentially create the most radical recreational cannabis program in the country. The measure would set no limits on cultivation or possession of cannabis for consumers, and also includes framework that would immediately establish legal sales and commercial cultivation of cannabis. In addition it would institute a process for those with prior marijuana convictions to have their records sealed.

“MPP is proud to throw its support behind this local grassroots effort,” Schweich said. “There is clearly a strong desire for change in North Dakota, and since state officials have not taken on this issue, it is up to the people to get it done. Voters will have a chance to make their voices heard this November, and we hope they will use it to say ‘yes’ on Measure 3.”


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