Friday, May 29, 2020
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NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Admits To Wishing He Still Smoked Marijuana

Marijuana consumption rumors have followed around New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for some time now. Partly because he continues to invite such rumors, with various actions and comments like one he made earlier this week.

During a Democratic primary debate with Staten Islander Sal Albanese, de Blasio joked that he wishes he still smoked marijuana, according to

“Currently no…some days I wish I did,” de Blasio said with a laugh after being asked if he still smokes. When prompted whether or not New Yorkers should have the ability to purchase weed along city streets, he replied, “I believe the laws we have now are the right laws.”

His opponent Albanese stated that cannabis should be legalized, according to reports. De Blasio added that he smoked “once or twice” in college, but that’s about it.

Yeah. Whatever you say, man.


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