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Ohhhhhhhklahoma! Citizens In This Red State Want Medical Marijuana

When the voters in a state as red as Oklahoma want to legalize medical marijuana, you know the cannabis tide is quickly becoming a tsunami. On June 26, State Question 788 will appear on Oklahoma ballots.

According to the most recent polling data, 57.5 percent of registered voters support the measure, which is actually down a few points from January when 61.8 percent approved.

In a related surprising development, the editorial board of the Tulsa World, owned by billionaire Warren Buffett, came out in support of medical marijuana with an editorial headlined “State Question 788 is flawed, but the medical marijuana bill still deserves voters’ support.” The editors, while finding a few minor problems in the legislation, wrote “we recognize that marijuana’s medical potential has been artificially ignored by the federal process for a variety of inappropriate reasons. We are convinced that marijuana may offer some relief to some suffering people.”

The news organization’s endorsement concludes:

SQ 788 isn’t the ideal solution, but it’s the only alternative before voters on June 26. On balance, we recommend that voters approve the question, but we urge legislators to act quickly to fix some of its more troubling defects.

Earlier this month, an advocacy group was formed to fight the medical marijuana measure. But Sooner Poll’s Bill Shappard told News9.com  that his data show the messaging against SQ 788 has not been effective so far. “Most of the movement form those five points isn’t going to the opposition, it’s going to those people who are now undecided,” Shappard said.

State Question 788 would legalize cannabis for medical purposes in Oklahoma. Obtaining a state-issued medical marijuana license will require a board-certified physician’s signature. There will be no specific qualifying conditions to receive medical marijuana. People with licenses would be permitted to possess up to 3 ounces of marijuana on their person and 8 ounces of marijuana in their residence. A 7 percent tax would be levied on marijuana sales, with revenue being allocated to administrative costs, education, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


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