Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Guess Which Country Smokes The Most Weed In The World

One thing America’s still the best at: Smoking the most weed than anyone in the rest of the world.

According to the Global Drug Survey 2017, the U.S. is leading the worldwide pack on pot usage, with one third reporting using marijuana at least 300 days of the past year—compared to the global average of 19 percent.

More marijuana greatness out of Americans: We’re less likely to go to the hospital after ingesting too much and the least likely to mix marijuana with tobacco. We are, however, more likely to be high for 12 hours a day, and take a hit as soon as we wake up.

Even with this heavy use, Americans don’t feel as strong of a need to cut down on our smoke sessions as the rest of the world. As reported by Inc.com:

While 36 percent of cannabis users worldwide say they would like to cut down or quit, only 22 percent of Americans want to do so. “You would expect that given the very high rates of heavy use in our study, that as a population US cannabis users might be more likely to want to cut down,” writes DGS founder Adam R. Winstock, MD. In fact, he finds Americans’ lack of concern over our cannabis use to be so perplexing that he asks readers for their thoughts on why more of us aren’t trying to quit.

Winstock goes on to note that one reason could be the prevalence of retail stores and products with accurate dosing information, so that marijuana is no different than alcohol. Medical marijuana patients could also help curve the results, as prescribed marijuana users wouldn’t feel a need to scale back their dosage if it’s helping them treat or heal.


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