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San Francisco Dispensary Offers ‘Bring Your CEO To Buy Weed’ Discount

You know “Bring Your Kid to Work” Day? Well that is, quite literally, child’s play. Because one high-profile dispensary in Silicon Valley decided to hold “Bring Your CEO to the Dispensary” Week this month.

Based in San Francisco with a recent location in Las Vegas, Apothecarium is a luxury cannabis store if you’ve ever seen one. Chandeliers and ornate furniture greets customers in store, so yes things can get a little bougie.

The motive behind asking customers to bring their boss to the weed shop is to help fight stigma regarding what the modern cannabis consumers look like. Alongside the weeklong promotion, different days had discounts for programmers, engineers, architects, designers, lawyers, marketers, and assistants. All customers had to do was show their business card.

“The discounts are intended to remind the public that many people who enjoy cannabis are also high achieving professionals,” the company said.

But as 7×7 Magazine pointed out, this isn’t really the problem worthy of attention. “God knows weed has gotten a bad rap. But here in the Bay Area, our CEOs are holding well-publicized orgies in the Silicon Valley and over-the-top, obviously-drug-fueled shenanigans at Burning Man,” writes Editor-in-Chief Chloé Hennen. “Is this really the stigma that needs fighting?”

After 7×7 posted their story, Apothecarium’s PR team announced they were getting rid of the “Bring Your Boss” discount and adding a promotion for construction workers. It really seems like a company trying to save face, if you ask us. As the cannabis industry defines what it wants to look like moving forward, and luxury marijuana brands become even more lucrative enterprises, it’s important to remember who really needs the help. It’s probably not the CEOs attending Burning Man.


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