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Maybe Woody Harrelson Still Uses Marijuana After All

Earlier this year, Woody Harrelson made headlines for quitting smoking marijuana. The revelation came as a shocker, considering Harrelson’s long-standing presence as a cannabis advocate and enthusiast. He tried to apply for a dispensary license in Hawaii, though he was eventually denied.

He came out in a Vulture interview, stating, “I actually stopped smoking pot almost a year ago.” The notion was later confirmed in The Hollywood Reporter this month, when Harrelson once again stated his having quit in an effort to tone down from his party animal days.

But when he appeared on Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show, the actor’s tone changed. When prompted by Colbert again about quitting smoking, Harrelson said, “I don’t smoke any less [the crowd cheered]. I did, I quit smoking…this morning. I’ll pick it up after this. No, I actually did quit.”

Following Harrelson losing his train of thought near the end of the interview, Colbert jokingly brought up weed once again. “So you don’t smoke weed anymore?”

“You don’t have to smoke a brownie, dude. You know what I’m saying?” Harrelson responded.

He sounded half-teasing when he said it, so who knows? It could just be a friendly quip between Colbert and Harrelson. Or perhaps Harrelson found a different way to consume his cannabis outside smoking. All we can do is speculate.

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