Monday, August 3, 2020
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WATCH: This Dog Stealing An Empanada On Live TV Is Everyone’s Hero

When a dog’s hungry, a dog’s gonna eat. That’s what dogs do, and that’s what a brave four-legged soul did on national television.

The trickery took place during a Chilean news broadcast recently that involved interviewing some ladies who were cooking empanadas on a hot grill. As you can see below, the dog, seeing an opportunity, quietly sidles up to the reporter and, like the snack ninja he is, softly takes an empanada into his mouth. Nobody seemed to notice, except Twitter.

Other Twitter users started chiming in with their own food loving animal heroes:

Someone even came up with a logo for the newly monikered  “Empanada Dog”:

As Refinery29 points out, back in January, there was the Canadian squirrel that pilfered chocolate bars from a connivence store, and the cat that stole a cinnamon roll during the holidays. If only adults could get away with half the stuff animals do.


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