Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Stop Smoking Marijuana In Drive-Thru, Demands Mississippi Sonic

You might expect this story to happen in a state with legalized recreational marijuana like California or Colorado. But no, it was a Sonic’s in Gulfport, Mississippi that had an advisory sign greeting its drive-thru customers.

“ATTENTION,” read the laminated sign in the Sonic window, according to the Sun Herald. “If you are smoking weed in the drive thru you will not be served! Please show some common courtesy and smoke and air out before pulling up to order.”

The manager of the fast-food chain informed the Sun Herald that the sign had come about following an incident where an underage employee had marijuana smoke blown in his face. Employees supported the sign as well, the manager said, because they were tired of smelling weed as customers order.

Again we’d like to remind you this story takes place in Gulfport, Mississippi. Cannabis is illegal in the state, though physicians can prescribe low-THC CBD oil for patients with intractable epilepsy.

According to the Sonic manager, their sign has worked. They’re no longer smelling undesired aromas while doing their jobs. But that’s not all that’s changed. “There have also been a lot of pictures [of the sign] taken,” the manager said.


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