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That Time Snoop Dogg And Willie Nelson Exchanged Christmas Presents

Ask yourself a question: If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, who is probably the best person to receive a gift from? Snoop Dogg has to be in the top 3, if not top 2, doesn’t he?

Now ask yourself another question: If you’re Snoop Dogg, and don’t we all wish we were, who would be the best person to give a weed-related Christmas gift to? Willie Nelson has to be near the top of the list doesn’t he?

Well that’s exactly what happened. To spread yuletide cheer, Snoop sent Willie a Christmas sweater of epic proportion. Emblazoned upon the sweater is a giant marijuana leaf with ornaments and a star like it was a Christmas tree. The text reads, in classic Snoop fashion, “SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY.”

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Though the gift actually was given last year, it just came to our attention this week. Both Willie and Snoop posted about it early this year (though Willie eventually deleted the tweet), continuing their ongoing bromance with one another.

You can find the sweater itself available for purchase on Snoop’s merchandise store Deez Nuts, or by clicking here.


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