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Watch 2 Chainz, Hannibal Buress, Tommy Chong Eat ‘Most Expensivest’ Marijuana Meal Ever

A rapper, a comedian, and a comedic cannabis enthusiast all sit down for the most expensive meal of dosed edible goodies possible. What do you think will happen?

Well think no longer because that’s exactly what 2 Chainz did for his popular Viceland series Most Expensivest. Joined by Hannibal Burress and Tommy Chong, the trio enjoyed some of priciest, tastiest marijuana delicacies a cannabis enthusiast can find.


The meal was cooked by none other than Z’s head chef and founder, Zairilla Bacon, known for her exquisite and luxurious comfort food. They began the meal with some medicated Z juice, which runs for $20 a pop. Succeeding courses included $500 mac and cheese, asparagus ($75 per pound), crab legs ($275 per pound), and lobster tails, costing a good $525 each.

The meal also featured chicken wings that cost $20 per wing. That course launched Hannibal into a rambling debate on whether chicken and waffles were overrated, the amount of chains, he believes 2 Chainz should wear, and more. Obviously, he was feeling the effects of the edibles.

Check out the clip above and see how the better—medicated—half truly lives.

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