Tuesday, July 16, 2024

California’s Former Top Cop Is Now In The Marijuana Business

Bill Lockyer held elective office in California for more than 40 years before retiring from public life in 2015. As the states attorney general, he enforced marijuana laws. Now he will be distributing cannabis.

The longtime Democrat from Northern California is the co-founder of C4 Distro, a company that will distribute cannabis concentrates and edibles.

“For me as somebody who was on the law enforcement side for so many years, I saw the inadequacies of the effort to regulate something just by calling it illegal,” Lockyer told the Los Angeles Times. “I think legalizing will help stabilize and help legitimize this industry and result in better consumer protection and other public benefits.”

For more than two decades, Lockyer was a member of the state Legislature. He served as state attorney general from 1999 to 2007 and finished his political career as state treasurer. In 2016, Lockyer formed his company with Eric Spitz, the former chairman and president of the Orange County Register.

 According to Spitz:

“Modern distributors, regardless of industry, build the logistical and transportation infrastructure that their supply chain partners use to conduct commerce. By developing a sophisticated, modern logistics system, California can reduce waste, protect current industry operators, and hasten the industry’s transition from its black market roots.

“The distributor is a natural middleman. And, given the estimated 30,000 to 50,000 marijuana producers in California, plus an expected 10,000 eventual retailers, California’s cannabis industry requires an organizing center with a group of operators tasked to monitor and police the system from the inside.”

Asked if he is a cannabis consumer, Lockyer, 76, told the Times, “Not in any recent times, but there were college years.”


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