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Let It Snow! Here Are 5 Best Winter Activities to Do While High

Spending time outdoors is one of the most enjoyable things you can do while high, and there’s no better season to do so than winter. The cold air and snow gives everything a sort of pristine quality that you don’t get other times of year. But what are the best activities to try out while blazed? Read on and find out.


Owen Richard/Flickr

Skiing is a fantastic activity to do while (lightly) stoned. What’s better than zipping down a mountain with the fresh air in your face while your surrounded by beautiful mountains? Not much. Plus the ski lift ride up is the perfect time for a quick hit or two.


Franck Michel/Flickr

Any activity that gets you out into the mountains is wonderful to do while buzzed, not least of all because you’ll eventually be both literally and mentally high. Hiking is in many ways the opposite of skiing in that instead of the world rushing past you as you fly downhill you’re slowly climbing, giving you the chance to really take in your surroundings and think. Don’t forget to pack water and an extra sandwich, though.



For a change of pace, try snowshoeing after a strong bong rip. There’s something uniquely peaceful about it, perhaps because of the vastness of the snow surrounding you. Also the shoes look funny.

Build A Snowman


No need to go far for this one, if you live in a place that gets lots of snow, that is. Have a few friends over, split a joint with them, and then hit the back yard to create some weird and fun snow creatures.

Stay At Home And Stare Into A Fire

S. Faric/Flickr

Who says you need to go outside to enjoy a winter activity while high? For our money, few things top getting gently buzzed and cozying up by a blazing fire.

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