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The Weed Brands Establishing Themselves As The Biggest Names In Cannabis

It’s no surprise that the adult-use industry is undergoing a near constant state of change. Until legalization is global and things settle around the world, regulations, trends and markets are always going to be in flux, but we can start to see some patterns turning up. We may not be in the final phase of construction, but the bigger players are already becoming clear.

From award winners to the most ubiquitous, it’s hard not to notice that name recognition is beginning to take hold, and it could be an indicator of future national trends or what the marketplace could look like on a larger scale. Edibles, flower, vapes and even experiences are starting to distinguish themselves in legal states and customers are becoming more specific in their tastes.

Next time you’re in the dispensary, you’ll feel a bit more equipped to choose between these bigger brands. Some are taking after the top brands in fashion and food and beverage with bold looks and social media presence, others are letting their influence on the shelves speak for itself, but all are making dank products that are laying the ground level of cannabis commerce that will influence everything to come.


Photo: Maria Penaloza

This is among the biggest brands in cannabis today, and they’re in two countries, extremely rare in this new world. With sub brands and various product lines to mold to the regs in each place of operation, Dixie is known for their topicals, pet products, and CBD line most of all. Available in Colorado, Nevada, Maryland, and California, Dixie will be expanding to Latin America a few more states in 2019.  Top selling products include their Sour Smash Gummies and Synergy Releif Balm. After 10 years in business, they’ve won edible awards, and with over 100 products the reach is only expanding.

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THC Design

Photo: Danielle Guercio

Weed billboards still give this New Yorker a thrill, and when in LA, broadly advertised and widely sold THC Design is the go-to for super fragrant buds and prerolls. Known for their Forbidden Fruit strain, this iconic molecule logo is being seen all over Southern California, but with the reach of their co-fonder’s YouTube Growing show, Grow Girl, it’s likely that THCD will go national some day.

Keef Brands

It’s so exciting to see cannabis multinational companies. Known for their cola, Keef brands operates in the US and Jamaica, and they’re dropping pax pods, edibles, and disposable vapes in states like Colorado, California, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, and Puerto Rico. Another award winning operation, Keef Brands has won Best Edible at the Cannabis Cup, one of the biggest weed contests in the world, as well as best vape pen in the Colorado Cannabis Cup, and Best Edible in the THC Championship. With so much already happening, we’re going to see much more from Keef Brands in the coming years.

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Photo courtesy of Sherbinskis

The bright orange hue that represents Sherbinskis cannabis— known by anyone with an Instagram account— is no random choice. The deep connotations with luxury brand Hermès are even more striking when viewing their intense green bud posts/ Sherbinskis is a NorCal brand, but its reach is global thanks to social media. In a post Fyre Festival world, we know just how potent this power is. Watch out for future Sherbinskis drops in lifestyle and cannabis, the demand for their products should be the driving force that gets them in shops the world over some day.



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