Friday, January 17, 2020
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There’s Now A Florida Drive-Thru Selling Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana access is becoming just as convenient as a drugstore prescription in Florida. Curaleaf, a medical marijuana dispensary with multiple locations across the state, will open Florida’s first marijuana drive-thru in Palm Harbor Beach, which is just northwest of Tampa.

While initial reactions might regard the drive-thru as a luxury convenience or fulfilling some lazy stoner stereotypes, the logic behind the move is to help patients who might have physical limitations or disabilities. However, new Curaleaf customers will still need to visit inside the story for a private consultation. The company will also have an educational seminar for patients new to medical marijuana called “Medical Cannabis 101.”

“We are piloting the drive-thru concept in Palm Harbor to provide our patients, several of which have physical disabilities, with another option for access and convenience,’’ Lindsay Jones, the president of Curaleaf Florida, told the Miami Sun-Sentinel.

Curaleaf is not the first to introduce the marijuana drive-thru concept into the world. That business that claims that title would be The Tumbleweed Express in Colorado It opened ahead of 4/20 last year, and used a former car wash bay to provide customers discreet service.

But the NuWu Cannabis Marketplace in Las Vegas surpasses both drive-thru for sheer size and scope. It calls itself the biggest cannabis store in the world and operates a 24-hour drive-thru. The company made enough money to sponsor the Las Vegas Lights of the United Soccer League, marking the first time a professional soccer team publicly associated with a cannabis company.


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