Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Time For A Marijuana Break?


Everyone is seems is consuming, millennials and Gen Z are slowly turning away from alcohol and cannabis. It is recreationally legal 23 states, medically in 40. It has been become generally socially acceptable and popping a gummy is now “a thing”.  But is it time for a marijuana break personally?  Just like Dry January, there is a consensus people need to take a break from some activities, alcohol, meat, sugar, etc.  Lent used to the time you gave up what you love – be it chocolate or red wine. But how do you know it is time for a marijuana break and how does it look?

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THC, the part of marijuana that give you the high, is similar to one of the body’s natural cannabinoids, Anandamide, and works as an agonist (stimulator) on the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Because THC acts directly on those receptors, too much THC can overwhelm the receptors and cause their functioning to be reduced. This is a reason to take a break to allow the “system” to reset.

Of course, if you are on medical marijuana, you will want to consult with a medical professional for their opinion. If you are a recreational user, here is some direction.

If you feel foggy, unmotivated when smoking, chance are you’re smoking too much. Cannabis can help take the edge off, but it’s not meant to be a permanent state of being. Another reason why you may want to quit smoking is because of guilt. This rings true for those who have to hide their use because of the fear of other people’s perception.

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What does it look like to take a break? The good thing is you are in control. People like Dry January because it gives them a set framework to not drink.  You could try do an “Off August” where you go off cannabis and see how it makes you feel. It takes approximately 3 weeks for THC to leave your system. So your cannabis tolerance break should be at least 21 days long. After 3-4 days your body should be responding to the change in routine.

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When it comes to consuming anything, whether we’re talking about food, drugs, or working out, it’s always good to do it in moderation. If you feel like you need to take a break from weed then give it a try. It is always good to be able to freely walk away from something.


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