Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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VIDEO: Does Marijuana Make You Smarter?

Earlier this year, Comedy Central launched a new YouTube channel for some of its more experimental and sillier content. If it was meant to be consumed on the internet, why not just post it on the internet?

One of our favorite shows from the channel is called “Worst Fears Confirmed.” The program features host Natasha Vaynblat as she shoots you far down the rabbit hole of your strangest, most idiosyncratic fears before teasing out all the ways in which your greatest fear can become reality, in increasingly nonsensical and hilarious ways.

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The most recent episode covers something all of our readers should be interested in: “Does weed make you smarter?” To which Vaynblat replies, “100%,” as it allows you to send THC, or “Tender Lovin’ Kush” in Vaynblat’s definition, to your brain. The “Tender Lovin’ Kush” then makes it possible for you to focus on those ideas only possible in your mind while inebriated. We won’t spoil the joke, but let’s just say it involves you somehow revolutionizing mousetrap technology and becoming a millionaire as a result.

The whole video is well worth your time, trust us. You can watch it in full below.


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