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Car Catches Fire On Dangerous Gender Reveal Party

With alligator brawls, plenty of injuries and setting half of Arizona on fire, it’s fitting that the next crazy gender reveal accident would result in a car catching fire.

A 30-year0old man from Queensland, Australia, was responsible for the incident, earning a fine of $1,000 and having his license revoked for six months. The gender reveal video was captured by a drone, which made the rounds through the police and later, the news.

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It’s hilariously awful.

Everything appears to be going well for the first minute of the video, with the car releasing copious amount of blue smoke once the driver completes the burnout – for those who don’t know, burnout is that dangerous process where you spin your car’s wheels until they produce smoke. The blue smoke lets everyone know that the baby is a boy. Woohoo. A couple of seconds later, things take a turn for the worse, with the back wheels of the car catching fire and the blue smoke being replaced with your average black smoke.

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Luckily, there were several spectators nearby who alerted the driver and helped him leave the car unharmed.

Don’t do burnouts because they’re very dangerous. Also, someone please save us from gender reveals. They suck!


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