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WATCH: Wiz Khalifa’s Mansion Features Dab Bars And Weed Walls

Do you remember “MTV Cribs,” where camera crews would take you inside the million-dollar homes of the rich and famous? Of course you do. Well Architectural Digest does something very similar on its YouTube called “Open Door,” where you…see the million-dollar homes of the rich and famous, like Robert Downey, Jr. or Mandy Moore.

Recently AD went inside the home of none other than Wiz Khalifa and wouldn’t you know — there’s a distinct weed theme to the rapper’s home. Located in the hills of the Sherman Oaks neighborhood of Los Angeles, Wiz rents the $4.6 million mansion for $16,000 a month.

“There’s always music, there’s always pot, there’s always an adventure,” Wiz says in describing his home.

Included withint the mansion is a recording studio and Khalifa’s personal “Weed Wall,” which features portraits of marijuana icons like Willie Nelson, Bob Marley, Devin the Dude, and Snoop Dogg.

We also get to peek inside the rapper’s game room, where a “HIGH LIFE” neon sign hangs over Khalifa’s “Dab Bar”, which doubles as a regular drink bar. The “Dab Bar” stores all the necessary rigs and goodies, including a device that can roll 100 joints at once. (Khalifa says 100 joints would take a couple days for him to smoke.)

Wiz Khalifa appeared on Complex’s “Hot Ones,” another internet TV series, where he discussed Snoop Dogg comparison and his thoughts on the booming cannabis market.



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