Sunday, March 26, 2023

Wiz Khalifa Discusses Snoop Dogg Comparisons And Ganjapreneurs

Not many rappers have leveraged the power of the internet and a love of weed into the multi-hyphenate career that Wiz Khalifa enjoys. On a recent episode of  “Hot Ones,” Khalifa discussed his views on the cannabis industry, breaking down the CBD craze, as well as what TV show he’d bring with him on a deserted island (it was Starz’ “Power”). He also discussed the comparison between himself and the other major rapper turned multi-hyphenate, Snoop Dogg.

Wiz Khalifa dove into many other topics throughout the episode, but scroll below for his answers about all things cannabis related.

On the explosion of cannabis products, like edibles, tinctures, and topicals.

“I feel like that’s what the market is these days. It’s like trying to get stoned on the low. As opposed to just like smoking a joint. I feel like in the future smoking pot is going to be like really old-school. Just ingesting it in all these different other ways is going to be the way to really get high.”

On who rolls better: Snoop or Wiz?

“He rolls faster than me. He definitely rolls faster and more efficient. There’s been times where I’m thinking I’m rolling the best joint and he’ll be quiet for two seconds then [mimics licking papers], “Here you go, nephew.” I’ll be like, “Damn!” His shit just be perfect right away. His experience in the game is proven every time.”

On where he has the gold medal against Snoop

“I got the gold medal probably just on lung [and] amount. I smoke joints, I do bongs, I do dabs, and all that. He’ll do that to hang with me. Like [in a] “I’m not going to let you out smoke me” [kind of way]. He don’t do all that on the regular and me, I’m doing all that all day.”

How a THC-infused hot sauce designed by him would taste like

“It’d probably taste like one of these sweeter ones. And I’d probably call it ‘sweetfuck.'”



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