Tuesday, November 29, 2022

What Your Marijuana Consumption Method Says About You

Everything you do reflects something about your personality. Here’s what your consumption methods have to say about you.

Thanks to marijuana’s partial legalization, there’s plenty of ways to get high. You can vape, smoke joints, eat an edible, you name it. This means that your choices in product and methodology reveal something deeper than how you like to consume marijuana; it  sheds a light on your personality traits. This isn’t hard science, but we believe this list is pretty accurate.

Here are some of the most popular marijuana consumption methods and what they say about you.


There are many methods of smoking marijuana, but there’s something special about smoking a joint. If you’re going through the trouble of purchasing rolling papers, weed, and filters before even getting to the main attraction of rolling a joint, it means that you likely appreciate the little things. Smoking weed for you is a habit that allows you to be in control. That or you’re kind of old and don’t feel like switching things up this late in the game.

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If you’re an avid CBD consumer it means that you’re into trendy things and know what’s up. You’re probably a vegan, are super health conscious and like to put sweaters on your dog.


If you smoke from a pipe it probably means that you’re too lazy to do anything better with your weed. You might be in college, your weed likely sucks, and your habit is temporary or at least recently acquired. In a couple of years you’ll either move on to better things or drop the habit entirely.

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If you’re over 25 and still own a bong it means that you’re a pot head, and have likely been one for a while, especially if the device is shamelessly displayed in your home. Bongs are kind of pricey so you probably are a habitual smoker who likes to get high with the good stuff. As long as you don’t own one of those bong masks you should be fine.


Like people who smoke joints, people who regularly consume edibles know what they’re doing and likely won’t go though a bad edible trip. Edible eaters honor their weed and are willing to spend a good amount of money for a valuable high. If they prepare their own edibles they might also be bakers.

do cannabis products over promise and under deliver
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Hot Box

If you’re hot boxing it means that you’re a teen and love to call attention to yourself, making your parents worry about you. If you’re not a teen and you still do this, you should consider rethinking your life decisions.



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