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Why We Should Reach For The Bong When We’re Angry

Anger. Sometimes it’s self righteous, sometimes it’s about love, sometimes it’s fueled by fear, but it often comes in pairs, especially when a couple or a couple of friends get heated. Being passionate is a good thing, but so is maintaining relationships and even your cool. Cannabis is the great moderator for more reasons than one, but sometimes being angry takes hold.

When we feel justified in our outrage, especially with someone we care about, it can be hard to see past our own side of the argument. Things get said that should have stayed under wraps. One of the best ways to slow down the racing thoughts fueling your rage is to pick up the pipe, vaporizer or rig and have a few tokes.

If there’s only one takeaway from this story, it’s that rising above fear, hate, outrage and an abundance of self righteousness takes willpower. It takes the willpower to stop mid-rant and consider your headspace. It takes guts to stop an argument in its tracks, and having the reward of a calming hit or three of cannabis or concentrates also helps reset the mind.

With two hardcore marijuana imbibers at each other’s throats about anything from politics to child rearing to whose fault whatever it is, is, the ultimate best thing to do is to stop, lock eyes with all of your might and pull out the bong. There’s a reason toking is often referred to as passing the peace pipe.

Adversaries can more easily see that their stances aren’t the only ones and cannabis helps people to put themselves in others’ shoes. There’s even the chance that after passing the pot back and forth a few times that laughter ensues. Sometimes it’s easy to hold fast to ideas that turn out to be either ridiculous, overstated or deeply personal. When it’s the latter, being able to recognize issues for what they are – and aren’t – is crucial.

Marijuana opens the mind in many ways. Creatives use it during their processes, patients use it to combat their symptoms and ailments, everyday people use it to relax and pretty much everyone who uses it does so for a pleasant experience. It’s no wonder that cannabis is truly the wonder drug for anger. In all truth, it is sometimes going to be the common ground that elevates an argument to a conversation and anger to understanding.

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